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Our fusion of streetwear and athletic wear brings a uniquely fresh take on everyday clothes. Elevating your closet with clothes that can be used in any situation making them perfect for your fashionably active lifestyle.

We're a new brand based in Albany, NY stemming from our parent company:


In the LEGACY spirit, our goal is to create an ever-growing family and community by giving everyone a place to belong.

Our Team

The Minds Behind The Machine

Our Story

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The Legacy-Company

Before all of this, we worked with local brands to create merch for our gym. But we knew almost immediately that we could do more. It was in early 2022 that The Legacy Company really started to take off and define ourselves as a unique clothing brand. This is where we named our new launch "Evolve". As a company we are evolving in the way we do things, our style, and your closet.


Our creative team of Amanda and Trevor have worked tirelessly to create something that everyone can enjoy and feel a part of. They  designed all of the graphics, colors and styles right down to the seam. They researched, took meetings to dictate the manufacturing process, and created this website to share everything with you.


Months of planning, creating, and designing has brought us to now. Through our creative team's hard work, S.S. Creative Co.'s expertise, and our photographers' and Legacy Pro’s commitment, we are excited to share our first officially independent launch with everyone.

Founded on the principles of quality, style, and versatility the Legacy brand is devoted to creating your next favorite piece of clothing. 



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